for a man to wear his pants/shorts without any unserwear on
because it was free ball friday, he did not wear underwear.
by Holmes December 5, 2002
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The act of wearing pants without underwear, allowing your balls to hang freely
"Damn, i forgot underwear! Looks like ill have to go free balling"
by Applepear69 November 10, 2013
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When a guy doesn't wear anything underneath his pants/trousers/shorts and he is letting himself hang loose.
My boyfriend wants to look tight in his pants, so he decided to do a little free ballin' and forgot his boxers.
by ErynnGirl19 April 6, 2004
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walkin' around, usually in shorts, without underwear on. often sung along with, and popularized by, the tom petty song 'free falling'
The stank, nasty fart left skidmarks; now he's free balling.
by stiger April 20, 2003
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To move furniture (or other heavy items) without the use of machine aid.
The lift is broken, so let's just free ball it down the stairs.

"Trollies broke, so gotta free ball it across the office or summin, I dunno."
by BeerRobot2113 April 7, 2018
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When one wears no underwear beneath his trousers
e.g Did you see Steves arse, he was free balling so hard.

Or, In the sport of cricket one is said to "free ball" when they wear no box (protects genitals) whilst batting.
Carl: are you alrite dude?
Hank: Na man I took one to the balls
Carl: did your box shatter?
Hank: Dude I was free balling
Carl: Ooooohh
by WOW enthusiast September 29, 2007
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