1) Any product or services given without charge.
2) (gaming) The ability to do something without fear of retribution.
3) (gaming) The ability of one character/weapon/strategy to destroy the opposition.
4) An easy win.
1) They were givin' away that TV for free!
2a) You can't jump in against him for free!
2b) Aww man, once you corner him, you can chip him to death for free!
3) You gotta just zone his ass out- you'll win for free if you do that!
4) Damn! Vega's not for free no more in SSF4!
by aww man! May 25, 2010
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a gay ass sports anime that supposed to be about swimming but is defiantly about drugs and cannon boyfriends
"bro did you watch Free! last Wednesday?"
"yeah man, it's even more gay than last season!"
by fiercerthanyou July 14, 2014
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A favorite theme word of online and television advertisements. The basic idea in these ads is to flash the word "FREE" infront of your face, in the boldest and largest letters possible. Just to lure you into a hidden cost. The amazing part of this, is that many people actually fall for it.
1. Get a FREE piece of cake with your PURCHASE of any meal!
2. FREE SHIT!! FREE SHIT!! (After you BUY some shit first..)
3. Hey man! I thought you said it was FREE!?
4. No product advertised online or on TV as FREE! is ever truly..free. NOT EVER.
by Andrew M. July 08, 2005
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When an item,tool,/anything else can be obtained for no cost whatever, which means you can just get it without having to touch your wallet.
Dealer: ayy i'm feeling nice today so i'll give you this weed for free, no cost.
Jim: hell yea! thanks!
cop: so what are you boys doing today?
by a wild bandaid May 06, 2017
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I forgot my cover up!
Don't worry, just go free
Don't worry, just go free!
by tylerbeck February 12, 2015
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used by kids in urban areas, a free is a party that is free of charge and free of adults
are you going to the free on friday?
by urbanbabydaddy May 13, 2015
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