A term coined by MDJunction forum disability fraudster Systemlock. It refers to money obtained (SSDI, SSI, VA) by fraudulent means by scamming the US government by able bodied individuals who allege to be medically disabled from working. Recipients are often fat and lazy who would rather receive a free government handout than work.
I retired early & do not have to work anymore. I am getting my free money from Uncle Sam now.
by Disabled US Citizen June 30, 2019
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The only thing that makes people happy
Bruh I just got free money! My life is complete!
by Hyenabird X January 19, 2018
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1. Money sent at no charge
2. Various body hair and skin samples
1. Woo! Free money!
2. Sean got 15 lbs of free money in the mail!
by Tchaiz February 24, 2004
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Ricky Repass calls it free money so we can get it free lol I can’t wait to get back with my family and I will see you later this weekend and we will see how much you have a lot of money on the phone call me when you get back from me lol lol yeah
Ricky Repass calls it free money.
by Fat hog February 14, 2022
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Free money here! Get your free money right chya! There is nothing stoping you from taking it and (in the same way that there is nothing stopping you from returning a shopping cart) there is nothing stopping you from giving credit where credit is due or kicking some of it back.
Hym "Get your free money here! Come one and come all! Test the content of your being against the future slayer of God! Fill yourself with my essence and be born again!"
by Hym Iam February 18, 2023
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Easy money, meaning you didn’t have to work hard for it
‘Nice bit of free money for you there pal
by FUoneeyedwilly March 6, 2022
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Did you hear betsy ask for free money?

Yes she asked give me free money today
by inoobs March 11, 2021
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