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a name, usually old fashioned, for a unique person, usually good at a specific thing, but not limited to flag sewing. the girl named betsy is offended by jokes about her name and cows, betsy wetsy, and especially rusted cars. Every girl named betsy is also really really hott...
person one: you see betsy the other day?

person two: yeah... man i'm so lucky

person one: yeah, you sure are
by figtreesandapplesauce April 03, 2006
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a girl who is nice, sometimes shy, funny, smart, and pretty. she is smart about one thing that she knows she is good at. has a dream and will try to follow it.doesnt care wat other people think. stands up for her friends.
girl one: "have you seen the new girl?"
girl two: "yeah i heard she wants to be an actress and her name is betsy."
by LOTR fan300 December 23, 2008
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Betsy's are very lovely ladies, and very good friends. Betsy's are always primping and preening because looking her best at all times is very important. She hates to shop but loves cute things. She is definately a cat person, but loves all animals. She will be there for you always. She is sometimes shy but her personality will shine through. Very kind hearted and lots of fun. We love Betsy's
by lovesmesomebetsy April 26, 2012
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"Dude, did you see that betsy?"

"Hell yea, she totally undressed me with her eyes"
by romioc October 16, 2007
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A beautiful, sexy girl who has amazing legs and beautiful eyes, she is the hottest out of her group of friends but she never acts like a slut. Normally best friends with a slutty blond, who is much less hot and jealous of Betsy, because she has it all, looks, personality and normally very talented. Men would be crazy to turn down a Betsy.
Betsy Ross, Betsey Johnson, Betsy from 'Honeymoon in Vegas', Molly Ringwald's character in 'Betsy's Wedding'
by JakeMT May 06, 2010
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A unique name for a really hot girl with big tits that is really good at certain things. This girl doesn't take shit from anyone and will fuck you up if you mess with her. People with this name can be very moody, but they do have a very nice sensitive side, and are very good in bed. A well known nickname for people named Betsy is Betsy Wetsy.
"Damn, look at that betsy walking down the street over there!"

"That girl is about to get the betsy knocked out of her if she doesn't stop being such a slut"
by WhoaxThatsxHOTT November 25, 2007
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Verb. To suffer defeat when utterly sure of success. To have victory snatched from you at the worst possible moment.
She's going to Betsy the cook-off when I surprise her with my excellent cooking.
by Fingenurgen October 13, 2014
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