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that girl who loves to laugh. She has a beautiful smile, hair, and skin. Everyone tells her so, sometimes she believes it, but most the time she doesn't. Very talented, preferably loves to sing! And has a very wide range of interest. She doesn't fit into a particular category, she is very diverse! She looks exotic, but at the same time looks like you average girl. She's indecisive, and hard to explain, there's so much to her! Overall, a very unique beautiful person.
That's that girl! Franchesca!
by your dreams March 21, 2012
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Franchesca is the name for a girl who is nearly impossible to explain. She's very shy at first, but once she's comfortable around you, she's a total weirdo. While some may see her as a freak, the ones who are close to her will see that she has a lot of hidden beauty. She is full of potential, yet she keeps it locked inside. You will often find her with her earbuds in, her nose buried in a book. She really is beautiful. Everyone can see it but her. Often times she's stuck in her head. If you find a Franchesca, be careful with her. She seems strong but is actually very fragile. Love her and she'll keep a special place for you in her heart. Hurt her and she'll treat you like you don't exist.
Franchesca is so weird!

She's so beautiful. She must be a Franchesca.
by weirdo nugget girl December 29, 2018
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a drop dead goregeous girl she turns heads everytime people see her. people always want to start something with her because they're jealous and envy her. butshe's an amazing person really sweet, kind, misunderstood, loving ,lovely amazing personality. the best person you'll ever meet. you'll fall in love with her because of her looks and personality, and intelligence. successful and independent woman
franchesca is a model in the making, role model, successful woman
by laaanie October 12, 2009
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FRANCHESCA is a beautiful girl who gets along with everybody, but tends to only keep one or two close. She loves to sing and is good at sports. Has guys falling for her left and right. she is very chill and looks different from either people. She is several Nationalities. She was ugly in elementary but glows all through out middle and high school. She get along with people born in June.
Awwwww god Franchesca is so hawt- JACOB
by Hawtttmchotoants March 27, 2017
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A beautiful woman with deep dark hypnotizing eyes and a curvy body that stands about 5'4". She has the power to possess you with a single flip of her curly brown hair. She lives in her daydreams, caters to everyone before herself, and loves rainbow sprinkles. She has a huge attitude problem that she adamantly denies. She spends way too much money, loves pickles, hates coffee, and has an obsession with monkeys. Always takes great pride in her appearance. She believes leggings are pants. It takes a lot to make her angry. Flowers are her favorite. So are strawberries. She never turns down a 4 am video chat, a chance to go dancing, or a chicken quesadilla.

While she has no ability to whisper whatsoever, you'll never grow tired of watching her lips move when she tries.
Franchesca believes that leggings are pants.
by rosi3th3cat October 02, 2017
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Most amazing girl. Beautiful. Smart. Sensitive. Loving. Loveable. Fuckable. She's has brown hair. The nicest voice and she'll always be there for you. Ability to push everything behind her. Unforggeting. Unforgettable.
"Franchesca. I love you. If you read this your all I could ever dream for. I'm sorry I messed things up"-Adam
by @dumbassredneck_ April 22, 2016
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Franchesca holds the meaning of love. She is shy and delicate. A flower that shouldn't be picked but nurtured. She over thinks and worries to much. One thing she should do more is listen to her heart.
Franchesca I will forever love you.
by Tessa_Maezell August 17, 2018
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