I need help I am trapped in a dungeon that he calls his fun place I have had my whole body violated by the big man. He tells me I’ll be his berth mother but I’m not a e gurl
If you read this I’m in a dungeon -.-
by XxladykillerXx September 29, 2019
why do you read this
why do you read this
by Mister sexy boi March 7, 2021
haha your are now dumb
man: hey look at this sentence
other man: ok god dammit it now I am dumb bc I read it
man: you are now dumb bc it says if you read this you are dumb
by Mattias the real one October 7, 2021
The name says it all.

A copy-and-pasted term always found in the comments section of popular YouTube videos intended to get likes so the comment gets to the top. Usually written by ten year olds to help their self esteem. Also almost always comes after the mind trick or phrase "I have a dig bick."
Person 1: (Passes note to person 2)
*I have a dig bick
You this read wrong*

Person 2: OK you got me bro.
by I u53 h@x October 16, 2017