Perceived as gay-like behavior; borderline gay
1. Man: My pants are getting too loose. Damn, I need to get a new pair of "skinny jeans".

Man 2: Smh, Man you are one fragrant ass Dude!

2. Man: A bunch of us fellas and ladies are going to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians tonight.

Man 2: Player, that's just too much fragrant activity for me, I'm outta this bitch!
by Dre_T700 September 2, 2011
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See 'Banta'.
"That was rate fragrant!"


by Jeeves2200 July 11, 2008
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1) When someone cuts a gnarly fart on the basketball court.

2) The gaseous version of a flagrant foul.

1) The guys were shooting some hoops when someone committed a fragrant foul. It took less than two minutes for the gym to clear out.

2) Kobe jacked up LeBron's game by committing a fragrant foul every time he was in LeBron's vicinity.
by tsauce2010 March 8, 2010
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Pilot slang for Hong Kong, an ironic translation of its name (which means 'Fragrant Harbour' in Chinese). The joke is partly on the local scent of some of the poorer regions, and partly on the difficult approach to Runway 13 of Hong Kong's now-decommissioned Kai Tak airport, which 'stank'.
Back in the day I had a layover in Fragrant Harbour and I bumped into your mom while shopping for souvenirs in the red light district.
by Gun Arvidssen June 26, 2008
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The cops tossed the fragrant vagrant into the police van.
by ram June 14, 2007
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The most popular theory is that Hong Kong (香港) used to produce incense.
Hong Kong used to be a place to produce incense and it's a harbour. (Harbour with "u" as it was a British colony till 1997)
Fragrant Harbour is the direct translation of the name "Hong Kong".

Hong = Aromatic=香; Kong = Harbour =港

The bay from which incense was transported became known as Hong Kong, so a nearby village took the name of Hong Kong Village. The name Hong Kong first appeared in the Yue Da Ji, which was printed in the Ming Dynasty. When the British arrived at Stanley, Chen Qun, a local Hakka (we'll learn about Hakkas later) told them in Hong Kong Village that the place was called Hong Kong (which is Tanka dialect for Xianggang). The British assumed that Hong Kong referred to the whole island, and the name stuck.
Source: WikiBooks and I am a person from Hong Kong
Fragrant Harbour is Hong Kong. Hong Kong is Fragrant Harbour.
by Hong-Konger December 20, 2018
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A hobo who showers regularly or otherwise does not reek of stank. Not to be confused with vagrant fragrant.
News Anchor: A local Edison hobo was arrested this afternoon after he robbed a perfume store in Menlo Park Mall. Now that's what I call a fragrant vagrant! ...I hate this job.
by getwiththetimes March 16, 2019
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