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A person who is not a real human.
Frabs usually talk gibberish and don't act like real humans do.
by Dyshoreh June 27, 2017
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Cold weather typically used in Liverpool or wirral area
It's absolutely frabs!
Ye ino it's freezing inni
by Ryan the coolest Oates January 21, 2018
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To vomit or throw up upon on something. It's used as a less offensive word then throwing up or barfing. It's also barf spelled backwards.
Julia ate at the local bertos chain and frabbed allover bobby.
by ohmu September 16, 2005
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v. to eat.
n. munch (as in throw a munch)

(origin: barf spelled backwards and barf done backwards.--opposite action something coming up and out of your digestive system is something going down and in.)
1. n. Hey holmes, let's go throw a frab at Taco Bell.
2. v. My mom bought hella groceries last night, wanna frab here?
by Storm Florez July 19, 2006
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As she squatted to pee on the high, high moor, the wind caught her frabs and toppled her o'er
by chumpflower December 16, 2003
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