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"Moor" is a term used in Medieval Europe. A moor is a Muslim from Africa. Most moors were from northern Africa (Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya & Egypt) and were olive-skinned with Mediterranean or Coptic features. Many moors were dark-skinned with African features.
The term "Moor" is no longer in use. The only modern use I can think of is in the play "Othello."
by Super Guy March 11, 2004
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Indigenous, enlightened, melanated peoples.

The founders of all language (Spanish), astronomy, astrology, travel, science, math, and most importantly, NOBILITY.

Often slandered & defamed due to other ancestral counterparts, a true Moor is noble.

Said to be established in Northern Africa ie Morocco; Moors bestowed knowledge onto Leppers during "The Dark Ages".

Moors are worldwide nationals with enhanced intellectual & spiritual strengths & abilities.
I Am not so-called "black "

I Am of the true Moors of the land. I claim my rights; this is who I Am. My ancestors are from & of the land. They are the wind. They are the trees. To innerstand this is what it all means.
by M0R3NA May 30, 2018
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The Moors were a nomadic people from North Africa; originally they were the inhabitants of Mauretania. They invaded Spain, taking their Islamic religion and culture with them, in 711, where they overran the Visigoths.
Dude the moors are so badass they occupied imperial Spain for 800 years !
by Djesse January 01, 2019
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A word that sounds like the person meant to say 'no' but really they mean yes.
Brittany: We're going to make out one day!
Brittany: Yes!
by BRIZZLEhundizzle April 29, 2010
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This person is stinky, smelly, fishy, and thirsty.
Person 1: Omg here comes Matt...
Person 2: He's such a moor.
Person 2: *whispering* With what? Your big a** t*ts?
by FishyNews February 14, 2017
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Colloquial term for a Spaniard, as they descend from North African muslims known as Moors.
"Who's that Moor fella you like watching in films?"

"Antonio Banderas?"

"Ah, Yeah! That's it."
by jimwkejnwekdkwe October 30, 2018
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