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Amazing name for an amazing person. She's nice, and sometimes too nice. A Greek name. Her name day should be marked on all your calendars; it's on January 6th. Fotini is an enjoyable person to be around. When you aren't around her, you'll miss her. She's beautiful and so nice. Everyone should have a Fotini as a friend. Fotini is kind, caring, friendly, pretty, funny, and an overall great person.
"Where is Fotini?" "She's not here." "Aw, I miss her already."
by Pseudonoymous B. May 12, 2013
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Fotini is the best magically enhanced gang in the whole wide world! deffinition one of Fotini is very wrong, to be fotini you have to be born on the Eiffel Tower. second you names have to be lindsay, nicole, abbie, or in some (small) cases brooke. and sometimes Filipe. there are fotini snacks, mostly pretzels and candy. jabon and burro can NEVER EVER EVER be fotini in there whole life no matter what. you have to use the word toalla alotttt. while blinking. as well you must know how to play a game know as big ball in a gym class thats confidential. and lastly, fotinis put f or fr in front of many words.
Abbie: your a rockstar
click click
lindsay and nicole repeat.
everyone uses fotini words.
and brooke say some stuff too.
by fotini May 17, 2008
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