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Melina and Fotini are two girls from Greece. They're beautiful and everyone loves them ,they listen to kpop and can't deal with school anymore . They want to meet they're favourite groups but they don't have money. Though they're so funny and enjoyable to be around that they let them see their faves for free
A person : I love melina and Fotini
Another person : who doesn't
by Mynameisdancemonster January 12, 2018
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The most amazing girl in the world how can you not love her she's super funny and makes everyone's day better when they're around her. Not to mention she's super pretty I wish you have seen her her beauty is out of this world. Also let's not talk about her voice this husky soothing voice that you want yo drown in it
: Kim jisoo is so amazing hot,pretty and talented
: I know man
by Mynameisdancemonster January 12, 2018
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What can I say about baekhyun is there a word for accurate enough to describe him?. He must be the most talented person in the world his vocal colour is so pretty you want to hear him sing in your funeral. He is literally an angel how can someone not love him it's impossible. He's the most handsome sexy and cute guy ever, you want to be next to him all the time and he'll be able to cheer you up. He's also in a group that everyone loves and makes a lot of money
Someone: baekhyun is so dreamy
Me: bitch I know .....
by Mynameisdancemonster January 12, 2018
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Bam Bam is a person who dabs . If you ever see him he will dab
:Hey who's the one dabbing
:That's bam bam
by Mynameisdancemonster January 12, 2018
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Fotini is the best person in the whole world. All people love her and wants to be friends with her. Your life can't be boting if you know fotini. She likes music and it's awkward also she watch series and listens to kpop. She's lovely and nice everybody loves her
Person: oh look it's Fotini
Person : oh my day is already better
by Mynameisdancemonster January 12, 2018
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