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Subaru Forester, built on a extended impreza platform, using the same motor as the 2.5RS. The exception to this is the 04-05 XT, that uses the STI EJ257 block, but the WRX intercooler and TD04 turbo.

Made to be a "SUV" the boxy forester in the XT trim can be built by a tuner to be as fast, or faster than the STI trim impreza. The slightly longer wheel base leans it to understeer in the corners, but far more stable.
Dude you just got spanked by a wagon!

OMG was that a forester than just roasted that EVO?
by Overbear September 17, 2009
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An uncommon boys name given to only the best boys. Foresters are sweet and have a different way of seeing the world. They have their own theories and ideas. You can share the deepest conversations with them. They are moody but winning ones affection is priceless. They usually have blonde hair and blue eyes framed by freckles. Foresters are usually determined to get what they want and don't give up easily. They are excellent kissers and are great in bed. They make the best boyfriends because there so thoughtful and know exactly what to say at the right time. A Forester will always be there for you when you need him. No matter what. Usually they are modest and don't admit to their good looks and charming personality. Everyone needs a Forester in their life.
Girl: I have a boyfriend.

Friend: Whats his name?

Girl: Forester.

Friend: Lucky Bitch.
by lulusoso October 02, 2013
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someone who hails from the forest of dean usually the result of cousins shagging, inbred bastards like janners from plymouth, they have a strange sub human language that only they understand
forester ...ow bist ol butt
bist gonna ave'n or wot
translation, hello darling would you care to participate in sexual intrcourse
by ol mon January 16, 2010
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A girl with a large back side. Referring to the Subaru SUV with 27 cubic feet of storage space.
by SM February 05, 2005
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