a device mounted in tandem with either a turbocharger or supercharger. its purpose is to cool the air charge coming in from the turbo/supercharger. cooler air is denser, so it packs more power.
an intercooler is your turbocharger's best friend.
by maddah fuggah January 21, 2010
Dam look at that nasty intercooler on eg6 with the black hood and the jdm foggy's
by Mike Jones nihuh October 4, 2008
Sick ass mod to let people know "it's turbo". No, just playin'. It cools the charge air from a turbo or supercharged car. Usualy mounted in front of the vehicle, hence the name front mount. Hot air goes in on one side (hot side) and cool air comes out the other (cold side). Does'nt really increase horsepower but maintains it after beating up on your car. They come in different sizes depending on how much hp's you're putting down or how ricey you're feeling that day.
Duuuuude, peep the front mount intercooler on that KIA over there.
by ChrisTea November 8, 2006
When I stick a ice cube into the vagina
Cool down with the intercooler
by Mevelo April 9, 2016