a) object or animal that does not belong in the current environment in which it is existing.

b) More likely, something or someone from another country.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
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I dumbass with no goals, has to beg for free clothing, can't get a visa, and has a horrible body odor.
Foreign got em, but can't get a visa.
by imakehits February 13, 2018
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1: English typed in a deliberate "foreign" accent (ie: "wod you tork, ithit?).

2: Everyone on the internet.

3: You (from the perspective of the vast majority of the planet).
Elroy is foreign.
in foreign: "thad elroy, he sach foreign"
by number-g March 30, 2009
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Not local. A state that accompanies many stupid questions like "omg, we drive on <i>this</i> side of the road?!?"
by C August 21, 2004
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