1. A slang term for stuff you want and want to go get.
2. A term used to describe a price on someone's head.
1. Bro one: bro, let's go pick up some bounty at 7/11, I'm in the mood for some food.
Bro two: yeah bro lets go get some of that bounty.
2. Argh yee matey yee has a bounty or two on yer head.
by 12345pene November 5, 2014
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A bar filled with coconut that is absolutely rotten. The worst bar ever made and it is hated by all but the sickest individuals
Do you like Bountys?

No they are rotten, anyone who does is mentally ill.
by IhateBountys October 24, 2012
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Deriving from the paper towel brand 'Bounty' - advertised as 'the strongest soaker-upper'.

When someone is described as bounty (or a bounty mouth) they figuratively have soaked up a conversation by their comment/comments. They could be portrayed as the allegorical bounty in that a roll of Bounty has just come out of their mouth and stopped the conversation dead in its tracks, hence the bounty mouth tag.

There is usually not a possible response to a bounty comment...almost as if to leave the respondent speechless.

It's very rare for a bounty mouth to realise that they are actually a bounty. Naive beyond belief & extremely irritating.
Person: "Hi! How are you today?"
Bounty mouth: "I've got HIV. You?" - There is no response to such a statement.
by Just Jaymz March 22, 2007
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Bounty is usually referred to ask a horse faced human being which is recognised as a girl who likes to get on other peoples boyfriends infront of their faces and has huge lips like a monkey and is false as can be.

Hi Im Bounty, may I suck on your Boyfriends Cock?

Im Bounty, therefore I can be a slag
by Jimmmm April 13, 2008
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The name comes from the paper towel brand name, Bounty, who's slogan is "the Quicker Picker Upper". A person who is very skilled at meeting and dating members of the opposite sex. Since it only takes a minute for him to convince women to date him, he is "the Quicker Picker Upper".
Friend:"The waitress hasnt even brought drinks yet and you got her number? Give her time to breath, Bounty."
by JayToTheR_O_C October 12, 2005
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Giving freely and generously, in abundance.
bountiful compliments" "the bounteous goodness of God" "the bountiful earth"
"was a big tipper" "Your most glorious and bountiful cosmic ruler -- also known as Kyley.
by Kyley March 26, 2005
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A suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah sitting to the west of the Wasatch mountains, Bountiful was settled September 27, 1847, by Perrigrine Sessions. It was not called Bountiful until 1855.
Bountiful is in Davis County. As of the 2000 census the population was just over 41,000 with a population density just over 3,000 people per square mile. It is the site of an LDS (Mormon) temple, two high schools and more church buildings than one would think possible in a town with a total area of only 13.5 square miles.
by universal_remonster January 11, 2008
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