Perceived value is an intangible measurement to define elitism or fortune. 1. A credit card company issues a black credit card by invitation only. A second credit card also issues a black credit card for a fee. Both cards are perceived value cards because they offer prestige for not apparent reason. 2. A leased luxury vehicle that is far too expensive to purchase. A perceived value car often sits unused for the final three months to avoid the fifty cent per mile surcharge.
"Bob placed his black credit card in plain sight before the waiter brought the check. The perceived value of the card inflated Bob's ego."

"Claire and her friends drove sixty miles from their perceived value gated community to Laguna Beach or lunch."

"Claire used her perceived value black credit card to cover lunch. Afterward, her friends laughed because she had the wrong type of black card."

"Thomas leased a $150K luxury coupe. He could barely make the payments, but the perceived value of the car turned lots of heads."
by FarFromThinken July 17, 2009
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