Acts of discrimination rooted in one's uncontrollable balding or abundance of hair.
Dude your opinion sucks dick because you're bald.

That's straight up folliclism and I don't have to take it.
by cdvadj April 17, 2020
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1. Any miscellaneous entity that fucks with your day.
1. I was about to eat the last bowl of my favorite cereal when I noticed follicles in my shit ruining my fucking day.

2. I was trying to sleep when this fucking follicle kept landing on me.

3. I wore my brand new jordan's to an interview and was disturbed to find follicles on my shit.
by Cyborg187 June 27, 2011
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Why the f r I g are you looking this up on urban dictionary?????? Of all things !!!! You choose urban dictionary.
Obama care: Biden’s joe left toe

Jason derulo: J A S O N N NN N N N DERULUUUU (hair follicle)
by Youoyo March 18, 2021
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Super tiny microscopic particles that excrete from your anus whenever you flatulate.
Today, my girlfriend farted on my penis and later on I found a fart follicle there.
by Bearded genius February 22, 2016
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The single strand of hair that mysteriously ends up between a female's butt cheeks in the shower. Pulling this strand out gives her a pleasure in which she doesn't quite understand.
As the suds slowly dripped down her breast, she gently pulled the follicle of love from her bottom and put it on the shower wall.
by Guttertron June 9, 2017
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