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3 definitions by Guttertron

The single strand of hair that mysteriously ends up between a female's butt cheeks in the shower. Pulling this strand out gives her a pleasure in which she doesn't quite understand.
As the suds slowly dripped down her breast, she gently pulled the follicle of love from her bottom and put it on the shower wall.
by Guttertron June 9, 2017
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Term used to describe an uglier doppelgänger.
Kayla: I'm tired of being mistaken for Snooki!
Mike: If it's any consolation, she's the Wal-Mart version of you...
by Guttertron June 9, 2017
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Acronym for "Urban Dictionary New Word Rejection E-Mail".
I gave up on trying to add new words on Urban Dictionary after my 24th UDNWRE.
by Guttertron June 9, 2017
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