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Pocket-looking imitations on jackets/coats/pants that seem useful in storing various items such as cold hands or an appetizing sandwich but in truth are just decorative flaps on the outside sewn up in a fashion similar to the appearance of real pockets.
Troyka: "Hey, can I store my brand new flabulator in your pocket?"
Ronald: "Sorry dude, it's a focket."

My grandma died the other day due to an insufficient amount of heat to her hands. This was due to the abundance of fockets on her brand new pigeon coat she was wearing. My friend Mark gladly gave her a pearl necklace in honor of her death.
by Travis Burgess August 14, 2005
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Something that has a pocket that is completely for show and not really usable for anything!
Tanders: Oh my gosh, this skirt is so cute!
Kenders: OH, it also has pockets! How useful!!
Tanders: Nope, it doesn't, those are fockets! They look like pockets but really you can't even put your hands in them, it's sewed together!

Kenders: HOW DUMB!
by September 21, 2011
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Katie: Damn Shannon these pants have fockets.. i got no where to put my phone
Shannon: Then why'd you buy them dipshit
by KatieHOPness September 14, 2008
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A pocket that is fake on an article of clothing.
Gab: "Are you gonna buy that jacket?"
Hin: "Ew no it has a focket"
by Hin December 27, 2012
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