A place where people can post stupid challenges and chainmail that no one likes.
I hate all of Will and Andrew's Snapchat stories. It's just a bunch of asking to tell them to people you know, so they can circle which one they like better...
by YahhhhhhhhBoy January 25, 2017
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Someone who posts large amounts of unnecessary pictures and sayings.
Dennis is a Snapchat Story Hoe, he won't stop posting stupid shit.
by Necrofeliac January 16, 2017
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Anyone who posts their urban dictionary name On their Snapchat story - is fucking annoying,retarded, and have no will of life and not a single person who views it gives a fuck lmao

“Hey did you see what they posted on their story?”
“Yeah their also fucking brain dead.”
by Yourboiphantom October 20, 2019
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A Snapchat custom(or private story) is a story where only select people will see it. You share your whole life with your viewers like when you shower and go to sleep. It’s like being a YouTube vlogger except only your close friends will see it and it lasts for 24 hours. If your custom isn’t entertaining, you might as well not have one. Many people post funny or embarrassing moments on their custom that they wouldn’t normally post on their main story.

Things that people may post on their custom include:
-“Pre” and “post” *activity*

Customs are usually done by girls, and have girl viewers, so if you are a boy, you might be lucky enough to be on a girl’s custom. People usually name their customs things like “_____’s Life”, “Keeping up with ______”, etc.
Eliana: “Omg!! Carly’s custom was so funny!!”
Samantha: “Ya! That was so funny, how did she do that? I’M DEAD
Eliana: “Did you see what Carly posted on her snapchat custom(private story) yesterday?”
Samantha: “Omg! Ya! That was so funny, how did she do that? I’M DEAD
by Mysterypersonlol December 16, 2018
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A black screen, with the audio of Doug saying the wildest shit you've probably ever heard in your life
Did you hear what Doug's Snapchat Story had to say?
by Doug's Good old Pal May 1, 2022
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