A form of kick. When someone jumps, and puts both their feet to the chest or stomach of another person, and kicks as hard as they can.
Often the person delivering the fly kick will fall over, but the pain that is inflicted is often well worth it.
"I heard someone took that guy out!"
"Yeah, he got fly kicked."
by CidGrr October 4, 2009
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As one human being runs and jumps with massive force . kicks the target with both feet and As the opponent tries to block or dodge/parry you target his Earline and swing both hands simultaneously and gives a skull throbbing Slap

Warning : Doing this might end up being a double KO or Death for the target party!

Best performed by Crazy people and Zohan
Paul: John give back my 1 gram of cocaine
John : Fuck off
Paul : ( Takes a step back)
John : what now?
Paul : Hands out a Flying kick slap

2 weeks later

Rudi : hey man going to johns funeral after that Flying kick slap you gave him
Paul : i suppose so !
by Volt4g3 April 17, 2009
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Deontay Wilder's planned finishing move to be used against Tyson Fury.
I might get on the top of the buckle of the rope and come down with a flying elbow kick.
by I will find a pseudonym January 30, 2020
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Superhuman feat of endurance and concentration oft performed by small Indian (dots not feathers) men after consuming upwards of one (1) beer. Quite possibly the most humiliating act known to man.
Dude, Alexander just performed a Flying Ice Kick. What an Ice Hole!
by University of Texas Tech October 11, 2006
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when you kick a wop in the side of the head with both feet

preferably with a pair of boots on
guy 1 : man i just kicked that wop in the shin

guy 2 : dude you shoulda went for a flying wop kick that woulda been epic
by erraticjonny5 February 9, 2010
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A move used during any sporting event involving kicking something such as a ball. It involves jumping, usually with a running start, until your entire body is horizontal with one leg extended outward to make a devestating impact. Time seems to slow down as everyone witnesses such badassery. Based off of the move invented by Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers
*Soccer ball in mid air*
Player: Zeo Flying Power Kick!
*Scores the winning goal, taking out the goalie and destroying the net in the process*
by Flarrow August 5, 2016
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