The act of fucking a girl who demands that you pay for the contraception.
I was fluking this fat, ugly, liberal, and it cost me $5.00 in condoms!
by Gronaudden March 05, 2012
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when one suffers symptoms of the flu(headache, stomach ache, etc.) but in reality it's not that at all, but rather a hang-over, morning sickness, food poisoning.
Susan: Wow, what was wrong with you last night. You sounded funky.
Lucy: Oh... I was feeling funky. Just a little head/stomach thing... not the flu... just "the fluke."
by Pony Up January 26, 2008
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Fluking is a commonly used term to take the place of pretty much anything.

It is spelled fluking not flukeing
Get your fluke wet
Fluke me
Thats fluking awesome
Thats the hardest fluke ive ever seen.
Fluke all day i dont give a fluke
Lyndsey likes to have fluking orgies with marissa
Chris loves to fluke around with his boyfriend.
Fluking rapidly is more effective
Do you enjoy sucking fluke?
Smell my fluke
Does my fluke still smell like tuna?
WHy is lyndseys hair so fluking red
Your fluke is unusually sticky.
Lyndsey needs to fluking stop saying teehee
Chris really needs to stop fluking his rubber chicken
That was a good one^

by Chris, Lyndsey, Marissa February 07, 2009
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BAD! extremely bad. never ever have something be a fluke. it would be bad.
i had some flukey sex last night. i was pretty upset with it.
by moooooo! June 23, 2006
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To be blown off, stood up or turned down by a specific person.
You Fluked me last night when it was time to reciprocate oral sex
by Trenni May 26, 2016
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1. A name given to woman who wear their G String or thong high enough to where it resembles the flukes of a whale.
1. I dunno why, but the flukes on that chick is hot.
by I Am Poopman May 10, 2007
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He is the amazing Captain Fluke! He plays games, but doesn't really stick to a "let's play," but that's pretty cool that he doesn't. He has a few play lists that include MULTIplaying!, Playing!, and some mine craft. He is in a crew (Rage calls it Crew but the others are trying to find a better one), with RageGamingVideos, GenerationHollow, Evanz111 Tyde, Peace, and Gubiak. Captain Fluke just goes by the name of Fluke or Will. Mainly Fluke because Evanz111's name is also Will. Will (Fluke) has googles, that is what he mine craft skin is wearing. On mine craft people say he loves Ocelots.
Captain Fluke is awesome
by CheeseheadSyd (Sydney Wick) October 02, 2013
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