Someone who is unsure, who is not stable and straight forward. Always beats around the bush...kinda "flopping" from one thing to another...
I'm a floppy dick when it comes to turning people down. I need to stop being such a floppy dick!
by CarolinexNOVA September 12, 2007
Instead of the more common 'square up' you say floppy dick while curling your pointer finger, thus causing the other person to be highly confused. Very effective against people.
please dont actually do the floppy dick
by HOBO SQUAD March 13, 2016
When You Just Had An Erection And You Masturbated And Then Your Dick Becomes Flacid And Then You Jump And Then It Flops Therefore Creating A Floppy Dick
Johnny Just Masturbated And Now He Is Jumping And His Dick Is Floppy. Therefore He Has A Floppy Dick
by xaxsxs January 8, 2007
beg floopy peinis ohn a mens ginitalia. usd on sex four they blawjob
me penbis ies teh sex! i moost haev a floopy dick1 woo! floppy dick
by poopyfacehehe April 8, 2006
Floppy dick syndrome is an occurance where by a man who has a rather large penise wears athletic jogging pants or shorts but does not wear supportive under garments which causes his penis and testicles to becom free and floppy as he walks. Causing the appearance of a floppy dicke
Large genital/floppy dick syndrome men at gyms and jogging... Ewwww that guy must have floppy dick syndrome...
by Sir Floppy Dick November 18, 2013
An old Floridian pedophile man who is incapable of getting an erection and is forced to use Viagra
That man in the windowless van is a Florida Floppy Dick
by watchmeown654 December 13, 2011
This is a sexual act, where the male participant enters the female vagina, just like sex, except the male can't get hard. Sometimes beacuse the male has had too much sexual activity within a short period of time, or just because he's an impatent Runt.
Floppy Dick Drive
Women: "Is it in?"
Man: "erm..."
by Jacksc2 July 5, 2006