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This is a sexual act, where the male participant enters the female vagina, just like sex, except the male can't get hard. Sometimes beacuse the male has had too much sexual activity within a short period of time, or just because he's an impatent Runt.
Floppy Dick Drive
Women: "Is it in?"
Man: "erm..."
by Jacksc2 July 05, 2006

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Most often seen after a male masterbating, cock vomit is the fluid that eminates from the head of the males penis. Suggestions for where it is to land,
1.Attractive females: face or mouth area, also chest and anus.
2.Unattractive Females: Chest and anus. note don't go near face, possibably could loose erection. especially if eye contact is made.
3.Possibly onto a passer by from a highrise building block window.
4.Otherwise let it land where it likes, worry bout the clean up afterwards.
Excitable young man:"ahh ahhh ahh am going to cum, ah shit cock vomit everywhere, its gone all over the remote"

Unsuspecting drunken sleeping girl:"ewwwwe, theres cock vomit in my eye"
by Jacksc2 July 03, 2006

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1.Popular saying from Yugoslavia. Used by males to their bitches, just after a certain sexually act, also seeblow job.

2.Ex-president of Yugoslavia(correctly pronounced Slobodan MiloŇ°evi√¶)
1."oh fuck, get a towel, coz you've slobberedon Mycockyoubitch"

2."I am not going to vote for slobberedon Mycockyoubitch in the next election, coz hes a Cunt"
by Jacksc2 July 03, 2006

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Often displayed in the woodland areas, this Unnatural act, is where a human being manipulates the squirrel creature for their pleasures. Similar to Chimp Lover.
Mum:"Close your eyes hunny. Darling get the kids in the car quick, theres a squirrel fiddler over there."
by Jacksc2 July 03, 2006

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Usually male, a Chimp lover is a man who prefers the company of Chimps rather than Human beings. Meant in the sexual Text.
Man1"Wow, dude that dude is a Chimp Lover"
Man2"and a squirrel fiddler by the looks of it"
by Jacksc2 July 03, 2006

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Sexual Act (As always), Where Male/Female lay on a flat surface, usually a bed. Then their partner female stands over their head region with their legs either side. The partner standing then proceeds to Squat, this will then leave the person on top with their general crotch area in the other person face. The partner below starts at works. This should, if done well, produce a Squirting from the partner ontop.
Horney Girlfriend:"Do you fancy a bit of Squat & Squirt love?"
by Jacksc2 July 06, 2006

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