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Born smaller than others, either an animal or human
The puppy was the runt.

He was the runt of the three children.
by Nerdtress November 02, 2009
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An outsider, someone who tries to be cool even though they have no friends.
You runt!
by modafL1c$r December 05, 2011
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the smallest (usually animal in a litter)
He was the runt of the litter.
by Anonymous November 07, 2002
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A mouthy little monkey whose parents don't give a shit what he does.
The little runt is leaving nasty comments on youtube again.
by geezerdk January 01, 2012
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1. a troublemaker (usually a small and cheeky person)
2. someone who goes out of their way to annoy people in a humorous way

Originates from two great ancient runts 'Raphaelues Noethesus' (Queen Runt) and 'Doronellius Portnoilithus' (Junior Vice President Runt). The two caused havoc wherever they could unleashed all sorts of Runtness.
"Oi! You little bastard! You are such an annoying little runt!"

"Hey Raphaelues - lets unleash all sorts of runtness"
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