Hella cool kid with piercings and colored hair, is super sweet and will make you coffee even though he hates it. He's a sarcastic fuck but yanno, he a bad ass mofo
Bradley: "have you guys met Flint? he's cool as fuck!"
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by Bmonty June 24, 2017
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The lint that gets stuck in a males foreskin, a lot like lint in someone's belly button.
"Man my Hanes gives me a lot of flint in my dick."

"Gotta clean the flint out, total fire hazard".

"Hey man if your going upstairs can you grab the flint roller for me"?
by Taintlucky January 21, 2015
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Cum.Sperm. Due to using cum in lots of sentences, like 'are you cuming later?' and people with sick minds getting in a laughing fit saying thats what she said Flint is a better way of saying cum. =
You and Sarah left flint all over my sofa. B*tchezz.
by ImHellishCool July 28, 2008
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Flint is a city in Michigan, known for trying to kill it's residents with polluted water
"I sure can't wait to go to flint" - Nobody ever
by Hell Sandwich January 13, 2018
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Flint whilst commonly considered either a place or type of rock is also a name.

The reason for this names rarity is simply because of how only the finest, most unique, blessed beings can even have this name considered for them when born.

If you meet a Flint you are in the presence of someone who is both loyal, friendly and talkative. Due to this nature he can make one of the best friends and will stay that way for the rest of your life provided you treat him with respect. He may come across as quite arrogant (suck as calling himself geat, awesome or a legend) at times but this is usually his sense of humour and sarcasm at times.

Overall, only one word can describe Flint and that is unique - as there is no other person that can make such a goood life long friend who has true values.
Person 1: Hey man, going to the park to play football with Flint and some others later, you want to join.
Person 2: Wait did you just your playing with Flint. I would be blessed to play in his presence.
Person 1: I know right, he's one of a kind.
Flint: Hey guys, you'll never guess what ju....
Person 1 & 2: (Kneeling down and hailing to Flint) Were not worthy, were not worthy!
Flint: Thanks for the worship as per usual.
by flintyminty3 June 16, 2017
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