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The Holy Grail is a term used by porn stars, can be used as a noun, verb and/or adjective, and is basically when a female porn star takes a cock in her arse, a cock in her vagina and a cock in her mouth, all whilst simultanously giving two handjobs.

In my experience, The Holy Grail is a trick best left for the pros.
"Have you seen 'Bangin from behind 25' yet? It's the one where Rachel Lurid achieves the Holy Grail!"
by Courtney April 06, 2005
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A stupid person; it refers to the lack of surface area on an individual's brain. The general thought is that the more surface area (wrinkles, creases, etc.) a brain has, the smarter the person is. Conversely, a person with a smooth brain (no wrinkles) has less surface area and would therefore be stupid.
That fucking smooth brain put his shirt on backwards again...

That smooth brain is dumber than a pile of shit.
by Tip Tank May 14, 2011
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The Holy Grail is the tomb of Mary Magdalene and the Sangreal documents, which prove that she was Jesus Christ's wife and that he was a father.
This theory is discussed in the books Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Da Vinci Code.
The Holy Grail is not a cup, but rather a metaphor for something much more important.
by Malorie April 09, 2006
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The Holy Grail is when you take the scrotum and pull it down in a pocket making it into a cup. Then filling it with a liquid and drinking from it.
Dude1: Dude My girlfriend did The Holy Grail. She drank strawberry milk from my nut sack.
Dude 2: Man I wish my girlfriend would do that. But shes lactose intollerant.
by Magic Monkey and CKerrLA July 07, 2012
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A very threatening cup holding a can of 'peer' held by very buzzing people spilt in to a chavs hat.
'hahahahhahahahaha remember on new years when we spilt the holy grail in to - insert secret identity here - 's hat.'
'OMG was he okay with that!?!?'
'well.. chavs are very protective of their hats... wow he really must have wanted to shag one of you..'
by anemiaaimena March 27, 2010
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