Hey dude ... I walked in on Susan lst night and she was lying on the couch flickin' the bean.
by Joey Provalone January 25, 2003
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Joan came home from a hard day at school and went upstairs to relax and started flickin the bean.
by whoreme September 26, 2006
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She was flickin the bean in the bathroom before her shower
by Sailormike June 26, 2018
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Manual stimulation of the clitoris during or before the act of intercourse, to facilitate orgasm.
I was worried she wasn't gonna come, so I started flickin' the bean and she moaned like a five hunderd dollar whore.
by Glen O Hawkins July 22, 2006
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Did you guys hear Chad flickin' a bean last night? Damnnnn
by Todd Craig January 9, 2007
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Literally, it means to touch the clitoris. Figuratively, it means to sit around and do nothing.
"Hey are you busy today??"
"Nah, I'll just be in my room, flickin' my bean. Come by whenever"
by Kalos October 14, 2008
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