Those sneaky chicks who schmooze a buck off of everyone in the bar for the jukebox and then ignore them untill they run out of songs. Unless you say no, then they still ignore you but at least you still have your cash for another brew.
I gave that dollar whore money for the juke and not only did she blow me off, but she played country music.
by domalima October 20, 2006
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The chinese whore that works at the dollar store. Willingly gives her services to customers in the back room for a dollar or less.
Meiko Tran is a big dollar whore....let's go shop in her back room.
by useful idiot November 28, 2004
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The cheapest sort of whore, one who is looked upon with contempt by all other levels of whores.
Worker one: This company treats us like two-dollar whores.

Worker two: No, they don't. If we were two-dollar whores, think how much money we would have made by now.
by D.B. Echo March 21, 2005
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The $2 whore of the modern economic era. Twenty is the new two.
The new tax codes for 2009 mandates that all hos filing as a two dollar whore should now be recategorized as twenty dollar whore in order to reflect the appropriate income tax bracket of today's crack-hos.
by Tenacious Faulker March 30, 2009
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Someone who uses someone else's food stamps because they are too lazy yo get their own. Someone who dates fat chicks with kids to get their food stamps.
Dude he's a hobo dollar whore. His ex had 4 kids, 250 pounds and he spent her food stamps and bounced.

Where do I find a fat chick with kids? I got to hobo dollar whore myself in order to eat this month.

Damn, I'm gonna go hobo dollar whore myself, I need a Pepsi.
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a prostitute costing less than or exactly $2.00. See yo momma
"Yo troy, see that two dollar whore over there?"
"fo shizzle"
"I got a season pass"
"no shit!"
by Devot Ed Perv March 12, 2007
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Someone willing to do anything for enough money to buy a gas station soda.
Allen couldn’t even find a 2 dollar whore in Goodridge
by 2nd rate February 27, 2019
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