4-5 similar tings positioned or occurring closely together.
There was a bundle of twigs and flecks of grass brought inside from the outside by Lily the beagle.
by Detective Dick Sprinkles October 19, 2018
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Small amounts of fecal matter release from the anus when farting
Man I hit the shower curtain with fleck when I farted in the shower.
by Fleckster January 23, 2009
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Opposite of Fleek. Super lame, uncool, Terri Jones.
Angel was being super fleck yesterday after school.
by The Minions April 22, 2019
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To throw/distroy an object in anger and or frustration.
Rob got so pissed when the ratchet broke, he flecked it into the road.
by Endoverend47 November 29, 2011
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What “fucked“ auto-corrected itself to in Broke’s phone when she was texting everyone about how Rich set a fire to Jake’s house.
How it’s used in “The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire)”

I'll spread the word! (Woooord!)
That Rich is flecked (Flecked?)
No, I meant fucked
Did I say 'flecked'?
Sorry guys, that's just my auto-correct
(Always be aware of auto-correct!)
by Lienaay December 30, 2018
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1.) A small particle or pice of matter.
2.) Surname of a great family.
1.) Ive got a fleck of sawdust in my eye!
2.) The Flecks are wonderful people.
by :D March 29, 2004
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