An annoying term used by annoying teenagers (see middleschoolers) meant to be "on point".
Jill: Look, today my eyebrows are on fleek!
Andrew: Oh, shut up.
by wiubundobuntuos April 3, 2015
A neologism that means "On Point", but needs to never be used in any language ever.
Annoying Teen: "My eyebrows on Fleek!"
Everybody Else: "What? Stop... Just, no." *Facepalm*
by TheFirstBorn_Unicorn February 11, 2015
To shit on ones education and pull shit out of their ass and call them words.
by ShadowMosesOG February 6, 2015
A mixture of the words fart and gleek - used to signify a fart that squirts a little, or a fart that splashes a few drops of moisture on your underwear.
"Dude, I just fleeked. I gotta go wipe."
by ziggy zantana March 23, 2015
When you fart and a little juice leaks out.
Man I have to wipe my butt, I just fleeked.
by Indian_Girl December 4, 2015
A word to represents poor people or people with lack of proper grammar
by ImBRUH June 16, 2015
(V): The act of where a male prematurely ejaculates usually following visual/mental arousal by someone attractive. "Free leak". Ejaculate is found as a spot on the inside of the underwear and/or pants.
Male 1: "So did you go all the way with her?
Male 2: "No, we started kissing and I accidentally fleeked. She saw my pants, laughed, then left."
by Rubyrocks! April 13, 2015