To repeatedly flap from your belly to your back, while being naked in bed.
Jones: Do you know what Flapjacking is, in your bed?
Diesel: I don't wanna know.
by flyinghorses January 03, 2011
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when lying naked on ones bed and jumping on to your stomach then to your back resembling flipping a flapjack
I was flap jacking so hard my bed broke!
by MC triple T January 02, 2011
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A tandem masturbatory technique in which the participants lock arms at the elbows whilst gripping the shaft of their penises. They then flap elbows like a bird in synchronization to most efficiently share the work of jacking.
I jerked off with my friend, but it wasn't gay because we were flap jacking.
by Kingsbury Brothers February 05, 2010
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when somebody cooks up a fresh batch of hot steaming pancakes, coats them thoroughly with a layer of rich golden syrup, and then proceeds to firmly smack them on the exposed butt cheeks of an unsuspecting victim
dude were you flapjacking last night because i got flapjacked so hard that the aunt jemima waxed my butt hair
by dark crystal March 11, 2011
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