The art of acting or being a homosexual.
Dude, that guy is so flamming he can't pump gas.
by Justin October 30, 2003
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To be extremely gay and spicy like a flaming cheeto
Keelalicious is a flamming lesbian
by Yee yeet ya boy Ryan November 2, 2017
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Description of a polluted young that is gone wrong.
Heard you were gone wrong last night kid? Oh ya i was absolutely flamming.
by IAmBalo January 5, 2015
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Something that has happened that is slightly unfortunate; A slight darn.

Replaces damn or darn in a more mild situation.
Person 1: hey you wanna go to that party tonight?
Person 2: nah im working tonight.
Person 3: flam
by Dr obesity April 10, 2020
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That was some flam shit you did, when you said you were friends with her, then you started talkiing about her when she left.
by hannerkinz July 17, 2009
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To 'no show' or to stand someone up, usually on purpose and without remorse.
Someone who flams frequently would be called a 'flammer'
Variation - to 'flamboozle'
"Andrew just called and said he can't come to the BBQ because his El Camino won't start...Yeah right! We know he's just sitting at home twiddling his skin flute... He is such a flammer!"
by LUXAPUSS March 17, 2006
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noun,verb, or adj.-to be fake or inconsistent, to say one thing yet do another.

deivatives- flammed, flamming, to flam, flamtastic
-slang- flammin
Bruh, that chick is such a flam sometimes! (noun)

Why must he be so flamtastic. (predicate nominative (noun))

He forgot to give you a ride again? Boi, he flammin. (verb)

Oh, here comes our flamtastic teammate himself. (adj)
by cartaboi January 10, 2011
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