A fake ass bitch that can't even keep their word. Promises are worthless from them. Plans will be made and they will rarely go through with them. They like to tell you they're on their way but never show up. They will ignore your messages and calls. Real insidious people.
No matter the situation what they will always have an excuse when you call them on their bullshit, and they'll be the ones to get mad.
Aside from all their bullshit, they'll stop being flakey once they need something from you, they may even give you gifts but you'll never have their friendship.

Funny thing is flakey bitches hate being called flakey. Will straight up deny it and you will get a kick out of how they respond when they argue.
They don't know how to stick to the facts. You may even start to believe that they suffer from hallucinations and delusions.
Flake Flaky Goof Fake Liar
Victoria never even came over last night. She told she was on her way every time I texted her. She's such a flakey bitch.
by Chucksis February 9, 2016
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Someone who , after being invited to an event , implies they will come, but infact bitches out at the last second - in the hour or minute of the event.
Person 1 - "come to the beach bruh"

Person 2 - "sure bruh"

Person 1 - "I'm at a train station, the trains coming in 5 minutes, where are you?"

Person 2 - "cba"

Person 1 - "Flakey bitch nigga"
by Maxsuh May 23, 2014
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Someone who bails at the last minute and gives lame excuses.
Person 1: “Gurprit made plans for a night out over a month ago but has just cancelled “
Person 2: “Yeah, she said she had other plans”
Person 1: “she told me she has to pack to move house”
Person 2: “nah, she’s not packing, she’s going to Birmingham!”
Person 1: “she’s so flakey!”
by I love Liverpool June 3, 2019
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Someone who does not ever answer their text messages or phone.
Wow, I've texted Tara 34 times in the last 5 seconds and she still hasn't answered... she's flakey that way.
by Arat Nahtekcm January 27, 2012
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(adj.) someone who doesnt keep it real and be actin shady.
"damn nigga, you be actinn real flakey.!"
by biggmoney86 December 10, 2009
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Basically someone moving mad. acting a bit weird or strange, out of the ordinary. Flakey
‘You’re moving a bit flakey uno
by babeycakes15 August 2, 2018
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when you make plans with someone then they cancel last minute leaving you alone; unreliable; can`t be trusted. People like this don`t make good friends.
Dream is so flakey, overtime we make plans she always dips last minute. I can never rely on her.
by Beyone December 14, 2015
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