Discount applied to a person with all five fingers intact on each hand; as opposed to missing finger(s) blown off by fireworks or similar explosives.
George missed the five finger discount by two thumbs and an index finger.
by webdings July 10, 2008
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A witty intimation that goods are stolen when someone asks the price of/ or how you acquired an item.
Jack: How much did that 6 pack of Guinness cost you?
Colin: Nothing
Jack: How'd you pull that?
Colin: Five Fingered Discount
by oz November 07, 2003
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To steal something, usually a small item that can be easily hidden.
Whenever I walk past the candy rack, I give myself a five-finger discount.
by energy-void June 02, 2005
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"How do you plan to afford that?!"
"Dude, calm down, I have a five finger discount."
by Skeddles February 05, 2008
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