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When a man blows his load in a girls eye and then make a loud "errrrrrr" nose, such as a pirate would make.
I gave that girl an angry pirate last night, it was deadly!
by N/A October 19, 2003
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The pokemon trainer who is destened to be the greatist pokemon trainer who has ever lived and win the gold medal in the olympics for pokemon training
by N/A July 25, 2003
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The second largest social board on GameFAQs (# 400) and since the Gamespot merge and LUE restrictions, is now degrading to an even dumber LUE.
CE used to be filled with interesting and quality people, now it's filled with fucktards.
by N/A January 01, 2005
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(adj) To be both puzzled and confused at the same time.
That makes no sense! I'm confoozled!
by N/A March 04, 2003
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