A rough run down, area in Denver, used to be refered to as the "Harlem of the West" because of it was home to one of the largest African American population bases west of the Mississippi. It was originally a very safe and calm area where a lot of the days Jazz players and Blues musicians would stay going to the west coast, eventually the neighboorhood gave way to urban decay and neglect and became a drug and crime infested area during the 70s, 80s and early 90s. The Black Mayor Wellington Webb who was dubbed as "The Mayor of Five Points" made it his mission to clean up the nieghboorhood during the 90s and for the most part was sucsessful. More mexicans and white people have moved in but it still isn't a place you would want to just roam around in.
John - "Yea some sick bastard killed a toddler in Five Points"

Marvin - "Man Five Points stay loosing"
by Marvin 2 August 10, 2008
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A shot created to up the alcohol from the notorious 3 Wise Men (Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, Jose Cuervo) and the dreaded 4 Horsemen or Four corners many variant names(Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, Jose Cuervo, and Jameson) the Five Points is named after the Five Points of New York where many men and women went through hell and back the shot consists of Jack Daniels, Jim Bean, Jose Cuervo, Jameson, and Johnny Walker(or other alcohol's with the J name can be instituted for it. Shot originally named five points by a college student in Duluth trying to up challenge for a Birthday shot.
Dude, that Five Points you bought me last night almost killed me!
by T-Rex34 May 3, 2010
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This nickname from at least the 1960's for the intersection of Calumet Ave, Indianapolis Blvd and 114th St in Whiting, Indiana. The reason for the nickname is there are five intersections meeting at that point.
There was another shooting down at the bar by Five Points.

I wrecked the Delta when I spun out and hit the fence down at Five Points.
by Joe Iron March 16, 2008
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In porn, a girl with a penis in every oriface, and one in each hand.
They gave her the old 'five point'.
by -Trench- November 1, 2005
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A gang in the 812 who is mainly about the group itself. Also about it's surrounding breezies. They have one symbol and it is a five pointed star, that represents the five members it contains. You must ask the members for hand symbols and handshakes. Typically, the hand symbols are creative and normally form a star. They also do not take shit from anyone, period.
I saw Five Point the other day. They were posted like a stamp at that party, with all the breezies surrounded!
by Five Point April 2, 2008
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"Five Points" AKA the Lower East Side was one of Mahattans most notorious slum of the 1900s. No longer exists anymore, Five Points was home to many Italian gangster, including "Scarface". Bordering Five Points, was "Paradise Square" which is now known as "Little Italy".
Five Points was Tonys neighborhood in the movie "Gangs Of New York".
by GAME51 December 24, 2005
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5 points
used 2 check fakes

latin kings will use dem 2 check fellow brothers
shows loyalty
"ey name da five points"
by B2K November 2, 2007
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