The largest Latino gang in Chicago, and perhaps in the United States, are the Latin King and Queen Nation. Latin Kings have chapters all across the US. The colors associated with the Lating Kings are Gold or Yellow and Black. Latin Kings use 5-point crowns as a symbol. The 5 points stand for love, respect, sacrifice, honor, and obedience.
Amor del Rey. Justice to the people, Power to the Kings.
by R. Leb January 11, 2005
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The biggest hispanic street gang in america but can also be found in many other countries across the world, latin kings are extremely violent and communicate in spanish or english, latin kings recruit spanish, pueto rican, potugeuse and italian people mostly, the gang consists of mainly male members but there are latin queens aswell. latin kings are known for violent atacks and murders on rival gangs and drug trafficing and dealing.
amor del rey means love of the king in spanish and is used by latin kings.
by liam barcelo December 6, 2005
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one who provides respect and dignity for himself and herself and brings love and compasion for his loved onein the nation
Latin Kings at every moment protect their crown and nation.
by King Frank White 1-4-18 August 16, 2003
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the almighty latin king nation is 360 degrees strong. 120 in knowledge, 120 in respect, and 120 in understanding. the ALKQN was founded in collins correctional facility, on jan 20th 1986 by KING BLOOD.all members of the crown must carry themselves w/ respect or recieve a punishment. the initiatin when the ALKQN was true to its cause, was to memorize the vows and prayers, recieve a 3 min head 2 toe beating, and to make a hit. each week you must pay $5, or $20 for the month. the ALKQN is located in chicago. their words of representing is "Amor de rey", meaning king love. the hand sign is folding the middle and ring finger down and leaving the rest up, similar to the goat but not rlly.
amor dey rey brothers.
the latin kings shot up sum disciples and cobras the other day, amor de rey brothers
by XxepochxX January 14, 2007
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Latino street gang formed in the 1940's as a social group that protected the hispanic community in Chicago. Once part of the Peoples Nation, they were the largest street gang in north America with sets from NY to Miami. In recent years police crackdowns have left the gang broken and virtually leaderless. The gang colors are Gold & Black.
"My bloody life: The making of a Latin King" - Biography, "Latin Kings: A street gang story" - HBO film
by OG Tec August 3, 2006
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All fello kings should respect there hermanitos y hermanitas.You are only a true king or queen when u give it all.Always take care of ur people.Once a King always a King.Stay true for life.
I am a Queen in every part of my being.Amor de rey.queen fo life.
by QUEEN GATA- FL- August 27, 2004
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A political organization now, but when it started it became more of a gang, then things started changing after what happen to KingBlood, and KingTone set a new message that "every King and Queen should have a education or knowledge to prove the latin community can do good." thats the true meaning of a king.
ALKQN - ADR - ADC \^/\^/ Amor De Rey/Amor De Corona.
by Erick M. July 4, 2005
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