When you’re banging a girl from behind, and then you reach around to her face and hook her in the mouth with your finger.
by Poplockin June 11, 2018
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Fish hook- a sexual manoevre in which one person uses a finger or a thumb to form a crudely improvised hook inside the orrifice of another, followed by exerting an outward, stretching pressure on said orrifice.
"Dude, I was in the heat of the moment and I fish hooked my Mrs...didn't she get upset with me! "

"Stick that thumb in my mouth and fish hook me big boy!"
by K9GUY June 3, 2009
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Putting your index and middle finger into a females mouth during intercourse. Simulating when a fish gets hooked on a Fish Hook. A well executed Fish Hook should prompt a startled look from the fish hooked.
Generally when you are taking your Girlfriend from behind you reach around and fish hook her. If you are feeling brave try double fish hooking with both hands
by Garry Moorhead November 30, 2007
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While performing intercourse "doggie-style" this maneuver involves the pitcher inserting his curled finger into the catcher's mouth and pulling back to degrade the subject or cause pain.
A "double fish hook" involves the same maneuver using both fingers.
A "rusty fish hook" involves fingering the ass of the catcher prior to insertion of the finger(s) into the mouth.
When I walked in I saw Carlos spanking your sister's ass and giving her the fish hook.
by Shitbrick April 19, 2005
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Putting a finger in someones mouth while trying to hurt them and then pulling as hard as you can to rip their cheek. This resembles a fish being hooked so is called the fish hook.
As seen in The Gangs Of New York
The young lad almost fishhooked you!
by Fork Me With A Spoon January 11, 2004
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The extremely painful yet extremely fun to dish out torture method where somebody in the possesion of a hockey stick creeps up behind a man, sticks the hockey stick in between his legs, lifts it then draws baack.
I fish hooked some of my hockey team members to check their gender this morning
by Knibnobber December 17, 2014
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using your index finger to pull down a girls shirt in order to see her boobs.
I fish-hooked Anastasia last night. Those were some nice ass titties.
by HMR August 3, 2005
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