1. The sexual act of eating out a girl's vagina while she is down on all fours, or in the doggystyle position, so that your face is positioned between her two butt cheeks, or 'buns'.

2. A cartoon sandwich with a dead, rotten fish lying arched between two buns.
Danielle got down on all fours so her boyfriend could give her a fish sandwich.
by Borscht Smuppy February 17, 2008
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When 2 girls who’s vaginas emit a foul odor get cream pied then scissor to make a fish sandwich
Nancy and Marcy simultaneously contracted vaginal bacterial infections but were horny so opted for the fish sandwich
by Trevor and Cory lahey July 14, 2019
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you follow a girl home, and when she goes inside her house, knock on the door and when she answers, punch her in the nose and knock her out. then you rub her vaginal fluids on her face, then you cum on her face so you got the ketchup, fish, and the mayonnaise
my girlfriend was being a pussy last night, so i followed her home and gave her a fish sandwich
by pastoolio October 25, 2007
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an edable object made of the female vagina that resembles a tuna sandwich
I'll take a poona fish sandwich on rye, hold the bread, hold the fish, and ill take extra poon.
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a sexual position from the kama sutra in which the women is on top, back to the man and they both lean back in a crab walk style position. They then proceed to have sex
"Last night the wife wanted me to do her flying fish sandwich style!"
by THE_ZOmbie!! September 4, 2008
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It is a form of Slang for Vagina
her cooch smells like a tuna fish sandwich
by tainted Bebop November 9, 2006
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The act of rubbing two unwashed vaginas together in a sexual manner.
Olga and Bethany were horny even though their water was shut off, so they decided to Tuna Fish Sandwich eachother.
by One Twenty7 January 22, 2011
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