8 definitions by Psykrates

A Polygamist woman with 2 husbands
"Gottdamnit, BillyBob y'all shouldnta married that tramp y'all making a fish sandwich outta her"
by Psykrates January 7, 2023
Damn nigga I cain't wait to be off work I got a slump slump comin by my spot
by Psykrates July 23, 2018
A Gangbanger with braided or Jheri curled hair
Hey look Kent that Leroy is stealing hubcaps
by Psykrates April 7, 2021
Someone who performs oral sex in multiple languages
"Shiit,JaMarcus she sucked me off in 4 different languages dawg"
"She got them Cunnilingual skills yo"
by Psykrates September 21, 2021
"Damn man sorry about your girl the homies had a party and she had Skeetloaf for dinner"
by Psykrates December 20, 2022
"Look ahere Billy Joe Bob don't let your Cracktivities keep you from seeing your youngins on Christmas
by Psykrates September 27, 2021