The first time you kiss some one (usually the opposite sex)

One of the best memories of your life.
Jake and holly first met in 5th grade.

They've liked eachother ever since they met.
They contiued into 7th grade 3 years later.

At the end of the year all the 7th graders at their school went on a class trip to what is basically outdoor school at the coast.



On the last night of the trip, holly was sitting on the beach looking out into the beautiful sunset all by her self.

Jake sees her and decided to finally make his move after 3 years.

He goes & sits next to her

They started talking for a few minutes.

Then right as the sun is about to set, jake leans over and kisses holly. Praying he won't screw it up.

Lasting 7 magnificent seconds they pull away.

Both in shock.

Both of them, their first kiss.

They smile at eachother.

& get up & start walking on the beach hand in hand.

Eventually they had to get back to the camp.

Jake walked holly to her cabin and kissed he once more good night

"good night"
"night" *holly starts to blush*
*jake smiles* finally after 3 years.- jake thinks to himself

by Aeseventee May 15, 2009
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The first time you kiss a boy/girl. Trust me, it's not like a movie kiss mostly, at all. It's not a perfect romantic kiss with a slight wind that makes his/her hair flair a bit. Mostly it's short and uncomfortable.
my first kiss was when i wass 14 and it sucked pretty bad.
by mesa500 February 3, 2011
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Your first experience, with someone of the other/same sex, of having another person put his/her lips on yours.
First Girl: I can't believe what happened last night! Jake kissed me!
Second Girl: Omg your first kiss!
by angela March 11, 2004
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When your hands are sweaty, you're shaking and have butterfiles in your stomach...when you close your eyes and all you can think of is if you have a fresh breath...when you let the magic begin...
I had my FIRTS KISS when i was 5...I kissed a frog hoping it will turn to a prince.
by SexyPolack March 1, 2004
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When two lips touch in a romantic form for the first time.
Our first kiss turned out to be great.
by Ryan March 9, 2004
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first time for a kiss on the lips none of that cheek crap
I got my first kiss with that slut Katy Tucker
by john doe March 17, 2004
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An experience a boy/girl has when they never gotten kissed before/Or maybe on a date with a new boyfriend/girlfriend
"Wow, I can't believe Jill did not give me the details of her and Mike's first kiss."
by Toria March 6, 2004
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