When you marry 17 men and consummate the marriage with all 17 of them. You stand near a wall and bend over, with your gaping anus exposed (its gaping because you've had a deep anal muscle massage), and the 17 men form a line. They proceed to run up to your anus and take a single thrust one-by-one until you have come to a successful completion.
"Oh golly gosh, my hole is sore!"
"Why is that, Dan?"
"I just got shot over 100 times by the firing squad!"
by Pleasure Elf July 8, 2019
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A rather odd gathering of male homosexuals. One man is tied to a chair with his arms behind his back while three other naked men masturbate and then try and hit the tied up man's mouth with their spewing manhood.
Sigfried and Roy were involved in a firing squad last night.
by Dirty Sanchez August 2, 2003
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A form of execution in which twelve soldiers line up to kill a death sentenceé by firing rifles at his heart. If the sentenceé is seated indoors, only seven soldiers will appear.
I want to get killed by firing squad.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
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to insist that the female stands back against the wall, hands by her side, while the male proceeds to stand across from her (at least 10 feet) and jerk his penis until he sprays her with fluids. In a similar fashion to the execution technique.
Will: "bitch, get against the wall!"
by mcfrato954 March 2, 2010
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When panda the leet guy he is. comes up with his AK-47 and shoots the whole counter-terrorist team when there afk.
by trux July 30, 2004
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This is when you are recieving oral sex in a dark room. You have several of your friends with erect penis' in the room with you. Then you yell firing squad. Turn on the light after one of your friends skeets in the face of the female. Then she must guess who it was.
James: "firing squad"
Girl: "oh man that was richie"
Joey: "haha no it was kamil"
(everyone laughs)
by James snake March 17, 2005
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Coming from the game called butts up. If someone receives the "butts up" he or she must line up against the wall with their butt in the air and the other players throw baseballs at his/her butt.
Many kids are involved in a firing squad on the playground during recess.
by JUAN September 5, 2004
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