One who is destined to rule the world. Of royal blood
look at his leadership, he's kamil!
by virushark January 9, 2004
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one who loves the pokemon, and is creating a secret proffessional terrosist group of fanatic assasins in the jungles of Borneo where he plans to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

also one who wears a hawaiin shirt with japanimation on it to grad
all fear kamil!!!!!!!!
by Sean Connerey March 4, 2005
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lanky and has big ears. is friends with horses, giraffes,a fish , shrek , gay guy, and a sexy guy. sometimes acts like an ass hole ..*cough most of the time coughs* .. emm .. dances with poles and chickens in a shoe shop and likes to eat cheese and banana sandwichs.. weeeeeeeeeeird.
fish: blub blub.. me hungyy
kamil: feeds cheese and banana sandwich
giraffe: Me pot head wooop wooop I love Elle
Gay guy: i wna dance with somebody, with somebody in a shoe shop..
horse: Yee haaw, yee donkey.. I looove Shrek..
Shrek: i look sexy in tights i love smelly..
Sexy guy: im goin out with my girlfriend shortyy tonight.
by i am a whipperschnapper April 13, 2009
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A very sweet, kind, talkative, obnoxious, hilarious, INTELLIGENT, tall, slender With an amazing body, beautiful, gorgeous girl. Everyone wants to be friends with her. Shes got one smoking peace of ass & hella tits. All the boys fight over her. Many seem to want her but just simply can't have her. She LOVELOVELOVES boys. She might not show it but deep down she does. She likes to be the center of attention. After all with a name like that she deserves all the attention. If you ever meet a Kamille in your lifetime then treasure her because she's probably the best thing that ever happened. Sometimes she can be mean but is always just kidding unless you annoy her. Oh yea ! Did I forget to mention she's easily irritated by the smallest things. She loves everyone around her & always dreams about her perfect future.
Dude1: "Bro did You see Kamille this morning?"
Dude2: "No why?"
Dude3: "she was lookin FINE AS FUCK"
Dude1: "ya feel me ?"
Dude2: "I needa spend a day with her"
by Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk April 30, 2013
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Kamille is a very beautiful and amazing person. She will always be there for you if you were there for her when she was down. She is a very clingy girlfriend. Kamille enjoys attention, but wont go out of her way to make it for herself. Kamille is funny and has a great personality. She likes to wear comfy clothes such as hoodies and sweatpants. If you have a Kamille in your life, you'd regret it.
Girl #1: Did you see Kamille

Girl #2: Yes I did! She was stunning, even in that hoodie of hers!
by TheeeOG January 20, 2020
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Kamile is the perfect girl for every man. She loves to make people happy and is extremely funny. She can have her bummy days but will always be looking fleeky and on point when she wants to. She gets a lot of attention from guys and can get any guy since shes perfect. She has an incredibly amazing personality and is the most knowable girl in school. Whoever is friends with her and are close they are the luckiest.Everyone loves kamile. Shes the best!
Person 1: Urm do you fancy kamile?
Person 2: How can someone not fancy her...shes perfect!
by Guest_k March 5, 2017
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Kamile: is the MOST amazing friend you'll ever meet!! she's so sweet,but be careful..she gotta temper!! she's someone you want to keep in your life forever. you don't want to lose her. KEEP HOLD OF HER!!:)💓
Girl1: hey,is that Kamille?!
Girl2: omg,it is!! she's so beautiful and bold!!
by SweetAngel:) December 27, 2017
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