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After a long night of drinking and eating jalepeno poppers, the next morning you wake up with explosive diarrhea that feels like fire shooting from your asshole
Emily had a great time last night, but this morning she suffered some major firerrhea and now her butthole is all red and puffy.
by JaxConf May 13, 2008
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Burning diahrrea. Often the product of eating fast food from shitty mexacian restraunts. Even worse when you eat lots of extra hot sauce.
Man 1 - Fuck dude this mexican food his gonna make me blow fire out my ass.

Man 2 - Haha you got firerrhea
by Tothmacher May 26, 2006
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spicy-food-induced diarrhea that makes you feel like flames are coming outta your ass
Fuck, man, I woke up in the middle of the night with some serious-ass firerrhea after scarfin' all that "Dave's Insanity Salsa"...fuckin' had to wipe with aloe 'n' shit...
by HB December 02, 2004
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The painful, burning and often explosive, projectile poo that results from eating too much mexican food.
Those enchiladas last night were banging, but I had some damn serious firerrhea this morning.
by JOIST August 15, 2007
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Diarrhea that burns as hot as fire, leaving you charred.
I was home sick all day with firerrhea...turn me over, I'm done on this side.
by Subiracima January 05, 2019
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