To lose one's job.

Synonyms: Get the boot, get the axe, canned, terminated, dismissed, laid-off, discharged, pink-slipped.
Honey, I haev terrible news. I've just been fired!

Dude, he just got the boot.

My friend just got terminated.

When do you think he'll get canned?
by Jesse McShortcakes May 11, 2006
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To have your employment terminated.

This term originated with National Cash Register in Dayton Ohio. When a manager was let go, they would literally carry his desk into the courtyard between manufacturing buildings and burn the desk in front of the whole company.
Did you hear that Bob was screwing his boss's secretary?

Yeah, they fired his ass and escourted him from the building!
by Goodby Charlie November 22, 2012
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To be severed , let go from a company or employer.
(There is a difference between being fired which is being punished or repremanded most likely is thru fault of your own and being laid-off no fault of your own)
My boss fired me today because I was late to work for the 4th time.

Karen was fired for calling in sick too many times.

Ted was fired for stealing company property.
by glitterngld July 12, 2011
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When a job becomes terminated due to work performance or company cuts
Chad : Hey Jim you wanted to see me!
Jim : Uh yeah sorry to tell you this Chad but your Fired!
Chad : WHAT! Fuck dude why would you Fire me?
Jim : Well you can't tell a customer she's a cunt and then tell her to go stick her pussy in her man's raw dick for one!
Chad : GOD DAMN'T Jim I can't be Fired I got kids!
Jim : We all do Chad and im just doing what's best for the company!
Chad : I can't believe you Fired me after all the times I stuck my cock in your mouth and asshole!
Jim : Please don't rub your cock in my face it will just make this harder! (sniff) (sniff)
Chad : Well you always made me hard come on suck it you know you want to! (wink)
Jim : Well! Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm! (gag) (gag)
Chad : Ahhhhhhhhhhh! OH Yeah you always liked a deep throat!

Kiersten : Hey Jim I hoped you Fired Chad WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?
Jim : I was just say goodbye to Chad! (sniff) (sniff)
Chad : Ohh! Jim likes my warm jizz on his face!
Kiersten : Well don't mind me! Uhhh!
Jim : I hope we can still be friends Chad I really didn't want to Fire you!
Chad : Sorry dude but I no longer have to kiss you ass anymore LATERS!
Jim : (sniff) (sniff)
by SlopNChop January 18, 2019
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When you are really fucking tired but shorten it to one word combined from both
Mate1: Dude I'm so fired today
Mate2: At least your not fungry like me
by James Stinkwell May 14, 2008
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Mr Shipley: “I’m home”

The wife: “How was your day at work?”

Mr Shipley: Not good!, I’ve had to fire two of my reps, Sonia & Spencer. They just weren’t bringing home the bacon, so told them clear your desks and go, your fired!”.
by WHISKEYMAN1234 January 25, 2018
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