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Where a shot glass of vodka or preferably tequila is held vertically in between a womans or mans' teeth and a Hispanic/Latino (for best effect should be a real Colombian) fornicates with the glass allowing ejaculation to force the glass down the throat of the person receiving and into the stomach where either real pleasure or pain takes place.

Hazard: May choke on shot glass filled with semen. Not recommended on family members.
Petchi: Hey Dude i just totally Colombian Cumshot your mom last night!
Julie: Your a fucking tool.
by James Stinkwell May 13, 2008
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When you are really fucking tired but shorten it to one word combined from both
Mate1: Dude I'm so fired today
Mate2: At least your not fungry like me
by James Stinkwell May 14, 2008
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1.a)Shank, the act of taking a dump while masturbating at the same time, it's harder than you may think.
b) Shit Wank
2. Shanked
3. Shanking
1.a) I like to shank on Sundays
b) Dude I so totally need to shit wank right now
2. I shanked while watching sex and the city.
3. Fuck man! Don't come in here I'm shanking.
by James Stinkwell May 14, 2008
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(Verb) To Zuck something means to take a photo of someone and tag it on the social networking site known as Facebook.
Hey man, make sure you zuck that shit when you get home.

Please don't zuck that photo.
by James Stinkwell May 16, 2011
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