A loveable, kind, sweet, caring, handsome and funny guy. He is annoying at times but he listens when you tell him to. He is also rather tall.

He is a very comforting guy. He is an amazing hugger and he’s great at holding hands.

For example-
I was feeling ill and stressed on a ferry and Finley held my hand.
by That-one-potato September 22, 2019
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an awesomely cool girl who doesn't know shes beautiful. She never seems to notice the boys who are attracted to her romantically but always seems to have drunken hookups with the assholes. A Finley is very loyal to friends and would do nothing to hurt anyone.. except for a small rodent that runs in front of the car. a Finley can get wild at any moment of the day with a switch of a button. you will always have a good time when a Finley is around.
john: daamn, i wish i could hang around some Finleys today...

adam: yeah i know, every time we do its always a new adventure.
by jackinthebox4567 July 30, 2009
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Finley is a very very sexy lad.Your soooo lucky to date him if u ever get chance.P.S:he can be a little bit racist.
Omg I dated Finley he is sooooo fit.
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by G dem January 09, 2020
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Finley, a player who is most likely extremely hot or attractive and will smash your heart into a thousand pieces!
Yep, Finley was my ex but i'm over him
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by The Girl in the back May 05, 2020
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The best and strongest kid in the world usually Crazy quite tall
Yo Finley’s crazy
by Psufufuc June 26, 2018
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Best boy friend anyone could have loveing , generous always knows how to put a smile on your friends faces quite shy and doesn't express his feelings very well
Finley , who hard brown eyes , loved a girl named Sophie
by Megs April 25, 2016
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Finley is a handsome boy who is also such a badass fin is Spanish for "the end" so don't mess with him but he is loyal, friendly and caring to the people he loves if they love him back finley is a viking inherited name he is the viking warrior that is never scared to take a hit and certainly never scared to take a hit for someone he loves . He is commonly called Fin this stands for Fearsome Important and Never wrong
Girl 1, Hey do you know that boy Finley he is so handsome

Girl 2, Yeah hes lovely I kind of fancy him
by Unknown Fact Person March 07, 2020
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