RPG (role playing game) for the playstation & pc, historically important cause introduced the rpg genre to a wider audience & many more experienced gamers saw it as a failure, specially compared to the beautyfull FF6(FF3 for the supernintendo).
Boasted superior graphics at the time but have badly aged compared to today standards (looks too polygonal).
Is not a bad game at all, but too overrated, not even the 3rd best final fantasy to date.
Joe: Final Fantasy 7 was good but not so good...

Bill: IF final fantasy 6 had better graphics it would´ve become the best rpg ever by far...
by alcornoque August 25, 2006
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here we go again...Final Fantasy 7 is the RPG that brought the scene to millions of dumbass american wankers who wouldnt have known plot if it had have jumped up and bit them in the ass, for this it can be praised, the plot is one of the best (shut up i havent finished) in the series and ranks up there with 6 and 7, you will read the testamonies of anyone who played any of the privious games and descover that they think (justifiably) that those games were better and that FF7 should be hung in a medievil courtyard. the simple truth is that these people hate the idea of graphics ever daring to tread outside the 2d sprite catagory and fear change *IF YOU GO INTO A GAME DETERMAINED TO NOT LIKE IT< YOUR NOT GOING TO FUCKING LIKE IT*...this is my opinion deal with it.
Final Fantasy order:
by Blazing Phoenix November 21, 2004
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Video game that doesn't focus on gameplay, but storyline.

A storyline that consists of a lot of devices that don't change the plot.

And plot irrelevant characters, Yuffie and Vincent.
If you want a story, read a book or comic.

If you want a video game, play a NES game.
by Anonymous March 20, 2005
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The greatest Final Fantasy to have been created. While it is awsome, too many people "cried" at the end of disk one. For those who have played it, you know what I mean. Those who "cry" in a video game need a life and a huge reality check with a nail studded stick.
Sephiroth pwns! Too many whiny bitches are playing a tight ass game like Final Fantasy 7!
by Duane Man December 23, 2005
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The first of the "new-school" Final Fantasy games. Graphics took precedence over character development. Instead of having interesting and humorous characters, you had Shakey. I mean Cloud, but Shakey was a better name for him, since all he really did was shake violently for no reason.

A lot of people raised on the PS think this is the best FF Game ever, and refuse to try 4 or 6 because the graphics aren't good enough for them. However, those raised on 1-6 do usually still play later ones.
PS kid: Final Fantasy 7 is the best game ever!!!1 omg materia sephiroth so cool and dark and omg omg!!!

Me: yeah, have you ever heard of kefka?

PS kid: Who? what?

Me: KEFKA! the best villian ever.

PS kid: from what game?

ME: Final Fantasy Six!

PS kid: Ew, i saw my friend play that once. the graphics were so bad.

ME: No, they were probably the best graphics for the SNES at the time... really good for what the system could do.

PS Kid: Nintendo? That's for babies. I play Playstation! I'm a big boy!
by JESSE RADIN April 27, 2007
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One of the greatest games in an amazing series known as Final Fantasy. Probably one of the least, yes least over-rated games ever. It is widely talked about but not over-rated, if you want to know what over-rated means look at Halo.
The game has a great story, but the majority of people who say it is bad don't take the time to look into it and just focus on the obvious parts that don't need dialogue to understand therefore not really knowing about it.
The game is long enough to introduce the characters and have time to build them up. That along with side quests.
The leveling system is traditional with the EXP. points but using the materia system(I wont go into detail) it keeps the game interesting and gives a reason to spend more time leveling.
The reason people think it is over-rated is because it was popular at the time because of the graphics and such and the reason no one likes it now is because they are too obsessed with fancy graphics and voice acting because they were spoiled by there parents and bought FF10 the day it came out without playing any other FF game until after that. And because they know they will still be spoiled they can't seem to focus on good game play or storyline rather than good graphics and voice acting with no need to become stronger to fight a boss other than with the EXP. they got from a previous boss fight. Just another example of the low intention span of video game players today. Am I in the ballpark?
As far as people who say that games before FF7 are best, well I haven't met many people like that so i haven't had time to evaluate those reasons.
Virtually everyone at my school,"Final Fantasy 7 sucks FF10 rules"
Me, " read what I just posted"
by C1d H1ghw1nd July 10, 2008
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PS1 and PC rpg. Is slightly overrated. It was good, but not as good as 8.
Brainwashed FF7 junkie: "I dont care what you say, ff7 pwns all"

Me: "Keep telling yourself that..."
by Legendary Nick May 28, 2005
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