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here we go again...Final Fantasy 7 is the RPG that brought the scene to millions of dumbass american wankers who wouldnt have known plot if it had have jumped up and bit them in the ass, for this it can be praised, the plot is one of the best (shut up i havent finished) in the series and ranks up there with 6 and 7, you will read the testamonies of anyone who played any of the privious games and descover that they think (justifiably) that those games were better and that FF7 should be hung in a medievil courtyard. the simple truth is that these people hate the idea of graphics ever daring to tread outside the 2d sprite catagory and fear change *IF YOU GO INTO A GAME DETERMAINED TO NOT LIKE IT< YOUR NOT GOING TO FUCKING LIKE IT*...this is my opinion deal with it.
Final Fantasy order:
by Blazing Phoenix November 21, 2004

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